Throughout Barbara Dybala’s career, she has been the recipient of numerous commissions and selected in rigorous competitions to produce magical creations that run the gamut from a simple portrait through a mosaic tsunami that washes a towering wall with oversized creatures, the occasional flying saucers, and orbs…just because she can.

Commission Considerations

Thank you for your interest in our artwork! 

As in any commissioned investment, several factors come into play.  Custom mosaics can run between $120 to $500 per square foot, and the final price is also determined by size, materials, and complexity of design.  Delivery and installation are priced separately. 

Seasoned and skilled mosaic artisans work by hand, which is time consuming.  Expect a small art piece to take 60 to 90 days from design approval to completion.  Larger scale works may take several months.

We are pleased to work with you on the first consultation free of charge, with a prompt follow up and price quote.   Our quote includes a non-refundable design fee based on detailed information received from the initial consultation.  Design fees range from $200 to $1,500, and are determined based on number of original designs created to your specifications, material samples, sample prototypes, budget, and time line.  Because each commission is unique, we work very closely with you to achieve your vision.

We request that you provide the following information at the first consultation:

  1. Mosaic Size.
  2. Image you have in mind, such as landscapes, characters, or just general images that you like.
  3. The color and types of material that you like.
  4. Your budget.

Thank you for your consideration!  We are excited at the opportunity to create your beautiful and unique mosiac art.