2024 Classes and Workshops

Thursday Morning Beginner Mosaic Classes will start in February. This will be an ongoing class and anyone can join.

Spring and summer workshops are now posted, get a group together and make you own party, information is below.

Minimum Eight Students!

Mosaic Pendant 
Garden Dragonfly
Bottle Decorating
Garden Butterflies
Picassiette: Framed Mirror
Collage using Tempered Glass

How to Schedule A Private Workshops/Party

Select one workshop from the list above.
Gather 8-20 folks, decide on a couple of dates,
Name your group e.g. “Sally’s Birthday Bash!”
Send your info via text: Barbara 972-839-4178
I will build a page on barbaradybala.com where your group can pay direct.
Expect an text from me with the link so you can send it to your group.
Arrive 30 min. early to set up your eating area and/or tour the outside of the building.

Read What Barbara’s Clients Have to Say

Barbara Dybala is an artist of immeasurable talent and professionalism. The Texas State Fair has been honored to feature Barbara’s beautiful work since the inception of the Outdoor Sculpture Show 10 years ago. 

Barbara Constantly Wows the Community!

Barbara Dybala is an artist of immeasurable talent and professionalism. The Texas State Fair has been honored to feature Barbara’s beautiful work since the inception of the Outdoor Sculpture Show 10 years ago. Participation in the Sculpture Show is by invitation only, and Barbara’s mosaic creations are always one of the most popular. Appealing to people of any age, Barbara’s work amazes, delights, and denotes happiness. I have personally worked with Barbara on many projects, and she constantly brings her projects in on time, on budget and wows the community.

Lottie Minick

Curator, State of Texas State Fair Sculpture Show, State Fair of Texas

I met Barbara Dybala about eight years ago when she was leading the Fairy Tree mosaic project for the Sunnyvale Garden Club. I was a new resident of Sunnyvale, and didn’t know anyone in town.

She invited me to participate in a workshop where she taught club members

 how to mosaic various components of the Fairy Tree.  Barbara instigated the project because she was concerned that new housing areas were destroying the native trees in the area. Her project goal was to educate the next generation on the value of native trees of Texas. She selected five native trees and created personalities for each. The elementary school children wrote stories about each fairy tree, which accompanied the exhibit. She approached Sunnyvale Garden Club for funding and volunteers. The tree was initially exhibited at the State Fair of Texas, but is now permanently housed at the Sunnyvale Middle School. Barbara is an excellent facilitator and teacher as well as a master mosaicist. After conceiving the beautiful and whimsical design, she recruited members and residents and taught them how to mosaic. She galvanizes groups to rally around a cause with her vision, creativity and humor. Her reassuring attitude and confidence in our nascent mosaic skills made the project a delight to work on. Her ability to motivate people to volunteer lots of time and hard work to achieve a common goal is extraordinary. (Ask her how many friends helped her mosaic the barn in her backyard!) The City of Norman wants to engage the community in their mosaic project and Barbara has been leading community engagement art projects for many years now. I think it would be a match made in heaven! I highly recommend her for the project.

Georgeann Elliott Moss

President, Sunnyvale Garden Club


Workshops and Class Schedules:

Register early. Classes will be cancelled if they do not meet the minimum enrollment three (3) business days prior to the start of a new session. Hidden Mosaic reserves the right to cancel, combine or reschedule any class. Instructors may alter the class schedule during a session to accommodate holidays. They will discuss any changes with each class.

Registration and Policies:

Please read all registration and refund policies before you register. To ensure enrollment, please register as soon as possible and no later than one week prior to the start date of the class as class space is limited.

  • Payment is due in full upon registration.
  • Tuition refunds will be issued before the second class meeting for weekly classes, minus a $45 withdrawal fee if notification is given in writing.
  • If canceling any workshop or class that was paid using Paypal that fee will be deducted from the balance of the refund.
  • For workshops, notice must be made within 5 days in writing, minus a $45 withdrawal fee.  For workshops in which there is a guest instructor traveling, the request must be made 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop.
  • A $10 late fee will be charged 72 hours before the start of any class
  • Class fees will not be pro-rated for late enrollment.
  • Refunds and makeup classes will not be provided due to student illness, unexpected travel, or reasons not the responsibility of the faculty of Hidden Mosaic.
  • All tuition and fees will be refunded for classes canceled by Hidden Mosaic.
  • Failure to attend classes or verbal notification will not be regarded as an official notice of withdrawal.
  • Hidden Mosaic reserves the right to refuse enrollment or dismiss any student for behavior that is disruptive or unacceptable to the learning environment.

Friday Morning Mosaic Fees:

Class commitment is for six weeks.

Two cash payments are due at the first class of each MONTH. As this is a pay-as-you-go, Hidden Mosaic can not hold your slot if you take leave. The next person on the waitlist will be called to fill the spot and you will be placed back on the waitlist.