Meet Barbara Dybala

After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas, Barbara accepted a designer position with American Airlines where she created magazine designs for their publication department. In 1999, she met then marketing director, Lori Wilkenson of Coca-Cola. Lori asked her to create some unusual mosaic with Coke products. This was the beginning of Barbara’s mosaic art life. After 15 years, Barbara left American Airlines, and has since devoted her creative life to mosaics.


Barbara and David have been married for almost 51 years. Here is a little background on their relationship.

In 2010, Barbara and her husband, David, changed their focus on life by redefining their house design, and Hidden Mosaic in rural Rockwall County began. “We are designing and building a living environment that matches who we are”, says Barbara. It is an ongoing adventure of life on eight acres. Surrounded by buildings covered in mosaic art, wine bottle trees, ponds and pet ducks, let your mind wander.  It’s a place where folks come from the city to take a deep breath and get excited about living and about art.  Life is simple, from a worm farm in the garden to rainwater harvesting.  A serene place to free your mind and take a mosaic class. Group tours can be arranged, and we are open for touring on Mothers Day. For the 2019 year the Mothers’ Day tour event is moved to Sunday  June 2nd. Since this is half way between Mothers’ Day and Father’s Day  we should call it Parents Day.

When not working on a commission Barbara is creating a new space on the property.  Now, what will they do with that life size elephant?


A Work in Progress

Texas artist, Barbara Dybala, lives art….and art surrounds her.

Creating art with mosaic has been part of her creative journey for many years. It is Barbara’s creative thought process that encompasses everything she sees. Barbara’s love affair is in designing and creating one-of-a-kind works of art that inspire others to feel deeply, to think, and to passionately create.  People of all ages have come to discover their own creative passion through her workshops and classes. In 2010, Barbara and husband, David, decided to free themselves from the tightness of suburban living and build and live in an environment that frees the soul.  They purchased 8 acres of land in rural Rockwall County, and developed a comfortable home, studio, and area they named Hidden Mosaic.

Barbara’s art has a voice other than her own. Her commission work reflects the style of its surroundings and the client’s input to achieve an emotional reaction by the viewer.  Thus, her work stretches from traditional to contemporary, humorist, to sublime. She uses a blend of material which may include enameled glass, ceramic, tile, gems, precious stones, and recycled materials depending on the environment in which they are installed. See Gallery. You can find information on commissioning a mosaic here.

In the summer of 2016, working in collaboration with the Creative Art Center of Dallas (CAC), Hidden Mosaic became a Rockwall location for CAC workshops. Go here to see the schedule for the CAC classes and mosaic classes held at Hidden Mosaic location in Rockwall, by Barbara Dybala.

Barbara Dybala is a versatile creative type. 

Think of something you’d like to learn, present, or interact with.

Barbara will package your idea into a marvelous, immersive and highly creative answer.