Eight & 1/2 Acres of Ever Growing Hidden Mosaic

Hidden Mosaic Gate Sign Completed in 2016




Hidden Mosaic

Still, yet Ever Changing

I don’t know what drives me, as I look about, my mind is pensively focus on new ideas, solutions and alternatives.


Hidden Mosaic Gate Sign Completed in 2016

Little Pond House

Gated Entry to

Pond House and Spa

Outside the studio on the way to the pond sits a small pond house. It is our retreat from studio work. At times we have  small gatherings, classes and dinners. It’s a simple structure with no running water, a pot-belly stove and hit or miss Wi Fi. It marks a simpler time.


Pond House Interior

John W. Carpenter played a role in Dallas history and a portion of Texas State Highway 114  is name in his behalf. 1996 the last 40 acres of his Hackberry Creek Ranch, nicknamed El Ranchito de Las Colinas, was sold and the buildings were parceled out for material cost. We purchased a portion of wood for or home in Sunnyvale, TX. Years later, some lumber remained from the auto repair out-building and the pond house was the perfect place for its new home.



Walkway between the

Pond House and Studio

The garden is filled with annuals, perennials, roses and herbs. In the winter we say, “Shhh, the garden is sleeping”. In spring the daffodils and poppies are the first to pop their heads as our Lady of Guadalupe keep a watchful eye.

Great art picks up where nature ends. – Marc Chagall

Barbara Dybala's Studio and Workshop

Workshop and Studio

My life is divided into three areas of work. Creating mosaics at Hidden Mosaic, mosaic commissions, and teaching mosaic art. I found balance in these three areas. The property allows my mind to be free, test ideas and push the limits of materials, myself and my sweet husband.

Classes and Teaching Mosaic

I  become reclusive in my work and believe you must give in order to receive. I find teaching allows me receive a connection and friendships of others. My teaching methods are like a legend on a map but the student still needs to connect the dots and find their own creative destiny.

Commission Mosaic

There is something about an overwhelming job, demanding design and a tight deadline that I love. It binds art and business together and makes me who I am.  Other artist say, “she works so fast” I say, “I have so many ideas in my head my hands are five years behind”.

Workshop Participants Can Stay Upstairs

 Stairway to The Dragonfly Wing

Participating workshop students can stay the nights in The Dragonfly Wing. We have a total of six beds in two bedrooms. Breakfast is included.  Sleepovers must be arranged in advance. For more information please contact us.




Adult Bunk beds

Custom built adult bunk beds have black-out curtains to insure sleeping privacy, individual lights and power source. Both rooms have access to a wonderful balcony and shared bathroom.

Photoshoot Locale

Hidden Mosaic is an extraordinary site for photoshoots requiring that certain environment.  Whether the call is for magazine spreads, wedding announcements, or advertising, Hidden Mosaic possesses a unique personality and a sweeping diversity of backdrops for the art director or photographer to choose from.