2019/2020  Workshops at
Hidden Mosaic in Rockwall, Texas


Mini Workshop 
Three Hours : Intro to Large Wall Mosaic

Instructor: Sarah Wandrey


 Many available dates $75. Including Supplies

In this “we can do it” Intro to Large Wall Mosaic workshop you will be familiarized with working on the wall and the mosaic methods we use to get the enormous job done. This class qualifies you to volunteer making the 36′ x 24′ mosaic wall happen. 
The following will be covered.

1. Tools used and maintenance
2. Methods of cutting tile, glass, & mirror
3. Wall application and creating patterns
4. Location of all materials and processes
5. Color theory of the wall

Instructor: Sarah Wandrey

Sarah is a mosaic artist who specializes in creating fascinating vessels. She is a longtime volunteer at Hidden Mosaic and has learned her way around the studio and grounds. Sarah once again has stepped up to the plate to instruct these classes. You will enjoy her.

Sarah is also incharge of scheduling the days you wish to volunteer.

After three years, & teaching around the world…..

Gila will be back at Hidden Mosaic!!!!!!


Picassiette /
Mosaic Portraiture – MiXeD MaTeRiaLs Workshop

with Gila Rayberg. $450. Includes material

Gila Mosaic

In this workshop, Gila share all she know about creating mosaic portraits using a variety of materials.  Students will learn to cut, shape & blend stained glass, smalti, ceramic, dishes and other materials into a cohesive portrait. Gila will demonstrate the usage of various hand tools and provide tips on using multiple materials in combination to bring texture & interest to your portrait.  

Each participant will receive individual attention & guidance, while working on their chosen portrait. Understanding that individuals works at a different paces, students are not expected to finish their portrait in a 3 day workshop, though some may do so. Gila will discuss a plan with each student on how to complete their unfinished works at home. By the end of the workshop, students will have gained a good understanding of the process of choosing a subject, transferring a design, understanding  value, laying materials of varied thicknesses, creating likeness, and much more.

All supplys are furnished but everyone is encouraged to bring some of their own unique materials (dishes, glass, found objects) to incorporate into and personalize their works.

Once students are registered, they will receive a letter from Gila with detailed instructions on selecting an appropriate portrait reference for the workshop.


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