2023 Workshops and Classes 

2023 Begining Mosaic Series

Thursday Mornings in September 7-14-21-28
Bonus, a free pair of wheel nippers and tweezers!

9:30 to12:30   $300. 

Instructor: Barbara Dybala

Sept. 7. Resources: Tools, Supplies, tile, glass, glues. Activities, make a small abstract mosaic focusing on Andomento, the “flow of the tessera.”

Sept. 14. Technique: Cutting different glass tiles, focusing on how they cut. Activity, with our new skills, we will create a mandala. Handouts.

Sept. 21. Understanding color: we will learn to discern the components of value and hue and how to use them to create an image. Activity: Each will make a small abstract using value and hue. Handouts

Sept. 28. Recap and finish up projects. Learning to see: Looking deep into a mosaic and recognizing why it works or fails. Recap and finish up projects.

NOW go and mosaic the world, or Sign up for Friday morning contemplative mosaic class


Hidden Mosaic as a Photoshoot Locale

Hidden Mosaic is an extraordinary site for photoshoots requiring that certain environment.  Whether the call is for magazine spreads, wedding announcements, or advertising, Hidden Mosaic possesses a unique personality and a sweeping diversity of backdrops for the art director or photographer to choose from.