You are in charge! Gather 6 partipancts and set a date for any of the following workshops.

Tiny Mosic Jewelry - Fun with Friends

   Pendant Jewelry Social Workshop

This is one of the most popular gatherings here at Hidden Mosaic. Make a party out of it, so invite your friends to join you in this beautiful pendant workshop. It’s the only gathering in the Pond House, an intimate building by the pond. Your first decision is the selection of one of the ten different styles of pendant shells. Next, choose from over 100 different types of beads, jewels, watch parts, and stones to fill your pendant. I will go over methods and designs that best suit your jewelry style. A gift-giver or keeper, either way, it’s a winner.

Minimum 6 participants. All supplies are furnished; you bring snacks and drinks.

Two hours for $55. 




Butterflies that Flutter by

Catch Your own Mosaic Butterfly

I’ve created a custom metal butterfly cutout for this class, so you can make an exterior mosaic that lives forever in your garden. This four hours workshop flutters by fast. I’ve designed this class to expose the students to a variety of glass, as well as working in three dimensions. We will cover the basic mosaic techniques, tools, and jargon.  Start your transformation into a mosaic artist in a fun and social way. All material included. In case the project is not completed in class. We will cover grouting, grout, and rubber gloves and will go home with you.

Minimum 6 participants. All supplies are furnished; you just bring the snacks and drinks.

Four hours $105.




Picassiette, Mirror Frame

Frame Mirror Workshop for the Broken Hearted

Have you ever taken some of the most exquisitely designed plate patterns and broken them? What to do? My friend, who moved a few years back, broke a whole box of heirloom dishes. I’ve enough for one more class.  In this 3-hour class, you’ll create a 9-inch square frame using the mosaic method, Picassiette, French for Scavenger. You will learn how to create designs with china fragments. A great example is La Mainson Picassiette in Chartres, France. You set the date, and my studio is yours.

Minimum 6 participants. All supplies are furnished; you bring snacks and drinks.

Three hours $85.




Curb Appeal Xtreme

  Mosaic House Numbers by Sarah Wandrey 

Tired of repainting the numbers on your curb? Make a mosaic house number out of glass. It will never fade. This class gives students the necessary supplies to make and install one mosaic street number. Kits will be available for purchase to make other house numbers for your friends.

Minimum 6 participants. All supplies are furnished; you bring snacks and drinks.

Three hours $85.




Wine Bottle Centerpieces Just Add Lights

   Doesn’t have to be a wine bottle; it could be a vase!

Puzzle-solving is a great mental exercise, and mosaics are great puzzles.  Stretch your mind decorating a glass bottle. Bring a clean, see-through bottle to the workshop. It can be a wine bottle or clear vase but no texture. The flat front is the best surface to work on and, when finished, show off your mosaic talents.

These can make a unique “Get Well Quick” vase for flowers; add a cork, and you have a wine decanter. One student used pennies to decorate a large jar to keep her change.

Minimum 6 participants. All supplies are furnished; you bring snacks and drinks.

Two hours $55.



Telling a Story Using Photos and Mosaic

 This tempered Glass Madness Workshop is very satisfying.

Ever need to smash something and then quickly compose yourself? Here is your chance in this tempered glass workshop. You decide on a theme, then bring photos that support that idea. Concepts like a vacation and graduation include small memory items, like tickets, dice, notes, hmmm. After settling on a design, a large sheet of tempered glass will explode under the protection of the cover. The experience of listening to the crackling glass always amazes me. Grouting instructions, grout, and rubber gloves will go home with you—an advantageous class for stress relief when combined with a generous glass of wine.

We will be working on an 8.5 x 11 board.

Minimum 6 participants. All supplies are furnished; you bring your images, memory items, snacks, and drinks.

Six hours $150.




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