Residential Refinements

Kitchen Backsplash

A paisleyed pattern lends sophistication and a bold counterpoint to this kitchen’s refined architectural finishes.

By employing a double-reverse mosaic method, marble, porcelain, and tile were set flush against the wall.

Kitchen view with mosaic backsplash.

mosaic kitchen backsplash

Mosaic pattern detail.

Bubbles in the Bath

Beyond providing privacy in this upscale bathroom, Barbara designed a work of art for her client’s enjoyment while bathing.

Three-dimensional orbs, circles, and tempered glass were created with a subtle reference to a bubble bath.

Mosaic Cowgirl Portrait

Lucy, 70”w x 34”h.
Commissioned as a western/retro style cowgirl,  this  loosely interpreted portrait was designed for a home in Texas. Now relocated to Florida with her owner, Lucy is a daily reminder of the client’s cherished life in Texas.

cowgirl mosaic detail

Detail of Cowgirl.

cowgirl mosaic artwork

Custom-designed wet-bar mosaic.