Commissioned and Awarded Projects

Examples of executed work curated by non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Dallas Arts District Word Search 2014 Installation

The Dallas Arts District Word Search winner of the Art on the Plaza competition, Dallas, Texas.

Detail of The Dallas Arts District Word Search Mural.

 Through a rigorous competition among 24 submissions by Texas-based professional artists, Word Search 2014 was selected for the Art on the Plaza Annual Competition.  The installation remained in a prominent, public display for a full year within the Dallas Arts District.

The smaller scale maquette was created using 4,000 letter cubes, each 7mm wide, along with a variety of multi-colored beads. Within the mosaic, letter cubes were arranged to spell the names of various venues within the Dallas Arts District.  The 7mm size of bead was specifically selected so that once enlarged, the mosaic would appear at a distance as an abstract expressionistic piece. Drawing closer, the observer would then discover and interact with the word search itself.  Barbara’s design intent of creating an expressive work of art that could be appreciated from close-up to afar, fused flawlessly with the Dallas Arts District’s objective of helping people discover the world-renowned venues within the downtown area.

State Fair of Texas Sculpture Show

Lottie Minick, Curator for the State Fair of Texas Sculpture Show, knows great art.  Every autumn it is Ms. Minick’s pleasure to personally invite artists to participate in this annual outdoor exhibition.   Since the inception of the Outdoor Sculpture Show 10 years ago, the Texas State Fair has been featured Barbara’s appealing and original mosaic fabrications. Barbara’s creations appeal  to people of every age, amazing and delighting all.

20222-2023 Three Tractor in Two years.  What a joy to recieve these three comissions.

Commissioned mosaic logo for the new town hall in McLendon-Chisholm, Texas.