Favorite Mosaic Works

I live in a mosaic house full of mosaics and I work in a beloved mosaic studio. So, it came to me
that my eternal remains should be in a mosaic resting place. so I created my first urn in 2023. I custom creat this fine art for others.

Architectural and Environmental Landscaping

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
18’ x 8’

Dynasty Modern and Antique Smalti, 24k gold glass and glass beads

In a permanent prayer garden this mosaic installation of our Lady Of Guadalupe is located Mosaic Habitat in Rockwall, Texas. It embodies many of the iconic images, rich in symbolism found in the original image.

The original 450 year old image of Our Lady of Guadalupe contains symbols — in a sense, hieroglyphics, or a story in pictures — that reveal part of the message the Blessed Mother brought through Juan Diego to the Indians of Mexico and to all the people of the Americas. But the symbols had a special meaning to the Indians, who because of their culture could decipher the code in the Image. Areas include eyes, face, hands, maternity band, stars, sun rays, mantle, moon, and angels.

Nature of Three Orbs

Fiberglass orbs range beteen 24″ to 32.” The glass is hand cut and fire kiln. Located in Dallas TX on Forest Hills Lane.