Going Gray




Going Gray – 24’’ x 18’’ x 4’’

We all have thagoing_gray1t point in our lives where we start to see gray hairs sneaking into our locks and curls.  Seeing these gray hairs can often come as a surprise. Why is that?  While we may have reached a certain age chronologically, we often think of ourselves as being much younger.

Going Gray attempts to express this dichotomy in two ways. It does this first through the simple use of color. The obvious mix of blonde/yellow “hairs” with gray/white ones is not unlike what we might see in our mirror or hairbrush. Secondly, and more subtly, Going Gray was created using a modern mosaic design that is contrasted with the surrounding antique frame.

While viewing the art a person must ask himself or herself, “Is this mosaic a new modern or a traditional classic?”  The answer may feel different for one person versus another. Going Gray embodies something that we have or will experience at some point in our lives; Regardless of your age, you are only as young as you feel.
2015 Mosaic Art International.| Painted Bride Art Center | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania