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Portrait in Stone Workshop 

Class held at

Hidden Mosaic Studio

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Dybala

Portrait in Stone 
Thursday – Sunday, March 22 – March 25
10 am – 4 o’clock

Stone Faces

Instructor: Barbara Dybala
Location: Hidden Mosaic Studio

Imagine you are part of an archeology team, which discovers a 5,000-year-old city. As the excavation continues, a sizable number of faces made from mosaic emerge. Then a phenomenon is observed.  As the work unfolds, the team is stunned to see artifacts of gods and goddesses were the exact double of themselves.
In this mosaic class, imaginations go wild in the thought of what type of inner-self do you symbolize today. For me, I love to grow flowers. Thus, I choose, “Goddess of the Garden”.  What artifact image would reflect you?  In this challenging mosaic workshop, you will be working in the double reverse method. You will be hand cutting stone and pottery. Using a minimum of colors, you will fine-tune your color theory knowledge.  Great emphasis on mapping andamento flow will boost your confidence. Bring your mosaic tools, but all other supplies are furnished.

You may pick up the necessary stone package ahead of time to get a head start on the base cutting.  You must send a close-up photo of you to face one week before the instructor for approval and enlargement.  Call in advance if you wish to stay in the Dragonfly Wing of the Studio. There are six beds available.

Registration closes one week before class.

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The Dragonfly Wing is now open


Beginners Mosaic Class; Garden Butterfly 

Two dates are available for 2018

Garden Butterfly

Sat. April 14, 2018  Time: 10 – 2 o’clock
$65. Teens to Adults

Sat. May 19, 2018  Time: 10 – 2 o’clock
$65. Teens to Adults

 Instructor: Barbara Dybala

The best way to spend Saturday morning ever!
Everybody loves a butterfly and this four hours workshop flutters by fast. I’ve designed this class to expose the students to a variety’s of mosaic materials, as well as working in three dimensions.  We will cover the basic mosaic techniques, tools, and jargon. This approach is a fun way to start your transformation into a mosaic artist. Before BYOB.

Beginners Mosaic Class; Mosaic Pendent Class

Two dates are available for 2018

Pendent Workshop

Sun. April 15, 2018    Time: 2 – 4 o’clock
$45. Teens to Adults

Sun. May 20, 2018    Time: 2 – 4 o’clock
$45. Teens to Adults

Instructor: Barbara Dybala

The best friends afternoon out. Over 200 people enjoyed this workshop in 2017.
This relaxing pendant workshop starts with a selection of ten different styles of pendant shells. Next, choose from over 100 different types of beads, jewels, watch parts and stones to fill your pendant. You will be guided through the design phase and develop a self-confidence you never knew you had.

BYOB and snack always make the design flow much more natural. All mosaic supplies are furnished.

Bee, Flower, & Bug Workshop
Visiting Instructors, Katrina Doran and Rebecca Collins team up with Barbara Dybala to bring you a 3-day exciting mosaic experience.

Bee, Flower, & Bug Workshop
3 Mosaic Teachers + 3 Mosaic Techniques

Friday-Sunday. June 15 – 17, 2018
Time: 10 – 4 o’clock
$375. plus $75 Supply Fee

Rebecca Collins, Katrina Doran, and Barbara Dybala will be teaching this 3-day mosaic workshop.  Katrina will be teaching you how to make small 3-d Beaded Flower, Rebecca will show you how to create Insect Assemblage Specimen Box, and Barbara will be teaching you Birds, Set in Stone. All supplies are furnished but bring your nippers and tweezers.

Each day a new instructor, a new project, and a new beginning. If you are staying the night upstairs in the Dragonfly Wing, you can continue to work on your project in the evening.
Birds, Set in Stone with Barbara Dybala

This little bird will introduce you to the double reverse mosaic method. This simplified version of the Ravenna technique will get you nipping for sure. Bird patterns are available, or you can bring your design.
3-d Flowers with Katrina Doran
Learn Katrina Doran secret to creating mosaic flowers. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a small 3-5 inch flower armature and then learn the art of mosaic embellishments. Our materials for embellishing will include costume jewelry, glass beads, smalti and porcelain bits. Please feel free to bring old jewelry or doll parts with you to add to your flower.
Insect Assemblage Specimen Boxes with Rebecca Collins

In this workshop Rebecca Collins will guide you to create techno bugs working them into an assemblage inside of a cradleboard or other box, incorporating paper text, techno bits, nuts and bolts, vacuum tubes and pieces, etc. The idea being these are like specimens.Bugs are the perfect subject for playful abstraction.

BYOB and snack always make the design flow much more natural. All mosaic supplies are furnished.

If you wish to stay in the DragonFly Wing, email and reserve early.
There are only six beds. $50 per bed, per night, 2-night min. includes light breakfast.

You asked for it,

Wire-based Concrete Sculpture Workshop

Wire-based Concrete Sculpture Workshop

Friday-Sunday. September 14 – 16, 2018
Time: 10 – 4 o’clock

$375. plus $50 Supply Fee

Instructor: Barbara Dybala

This workshop explores the strengths of creating concrete sculptures supported by a wire base. There are two important parts to this workshop. One, how to properly construct a metal armature to support a cement coating. Two, using the right cement recipe for the design. We will explore Canadian artist, Andrew Goss great cement recipes for extra strong sculpting cement. There are always new products on the market so we will play a little with a product called “Shapecrete.”  Fun.
What should you make? What should you think about ahead of time? To mosaic or not to mosaic? These considerations will affect how you finish your sculpture, so let’s plan.
Whatever you sculpt has to get home, remember you will be traveling with a damp, curing delicate sculpture so it will need to fit in your vehicle. Ok, last bit of advice, bring packing to support your sculptures ride home!
Remember concrete is hard, cement is the mixture.

Those wishing to stay in the DragonFlyWing, please email and reserve early. There are only six beds.

BRING your own Leather Gloves and Wire Cutters

These items can be ordered via Home Depot and not necessarily found in stores.
I like this wire cutter because it is strong and I am not.

Zareba Fence Wire Cutter    

Firm Grip Leather Gloves

Registered Student, Learn, Stay, Experience, Hidden Mosaic
The Dragonfly Wing is now open