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Wire-based Concrete Sculpture Workshop

Wire-based Concrete Sculpture Workshop

Friday-Sunday. September 14 – 16, 2018
Time: 10 – 4 o’clock

$375. plus $50 Supply Fee

Instructor: Barbara Dybala

This workshop explores the strengths of creating concrete sculptures supported by a wire base. There are two important parts to this workshop. One, how to properly construct a metal armature to support a cement coating. Two, using the right cement recipe for the design. We will explore Canadian artist, Andrew Goss great cement recipes for extra strong sculpting cement. There are always new products on the market so we will play a little with a product called “Shapecrete.”  Fun.
What should you make? What should you think about ahead of time? To mosaic or not to mosaic? These considerations will affect how you finish your sculpture, so let’s plan.
Whatever you sculpt has to get home, remember you will be traveling with a damp, curing delicate sculpture so it will need to fit in your vehicle. Ok, last bit of advice, bring packing to support your sculptures ride home!
Remember concrete is hard, cement is the mixture.

Those wishing to stay in the DragonFlyWing, please email and reserve early. There are only six beds.

BRING your own Leather Gloves and Wire Cutters

These items can be ordered via Home Depot and not necessarily found in stores.
I like this wire cutter because it is strong and I am not.

Zareba Fence Wire Cutter    

Firm Grip Leather Gloves

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