2019  Workshops by Barbara Dybala at Hidden Mosaic in Rockwall, Texas

In Collaboration with the Creative Art Center of Dallas (CAC)


 Six Hours : Jeweled Mini Orb Party


Sunday March 3, 2019 |10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

$135/$155 Workshop, Supplies $35.

Transform your old jewelry and small memorabilia into a jeweled mini orb! All background mosaic glass, orb, glues, are provided.

This will be the third year in a row to join forces with the CAC and offer this all time favorite and very satisfying workshop at Hidden Mosaic. This workshop is a great time to share with friends and make new ones. Hidden Mosaic Studio is located on  8-acres in Rockwall County. Come tour the property, studio, ponds, dock, and Pond House.

We provide a small orb and a thousand pieces of glass for your background choices. Enjoy personal attention while guiding you through the design process . At the end of the day, you will go home with a finished piece of art and a few new friends.

Tools are available but we recommend you purchase your own wheeled glass cutter.

If you wish, BYOB, snack/lunch.



 4 Hour : Beginning Butterfly Class or, “I Just want a butterfly in my garden.”

Saturday March 9, SOLD OUT

2019 | 10:00 AM – 2 PM or 

Saturday March 30,

2019 | 10:00 AM – 2 PM or

$85. Workshop and Suplies

Spring is here so get ready for an introduction into the world of mosaic art. Only here at Hidden Mosaic will you find this custom metal butterfly shape that attaches to a rod for your garden.  Mosaic techniques are easy to learn and we supply the tools, glass and lingo to have fun creating this outdoor garden butterfly.

This workshop is offered twice in the spring, be sure you register for the date of your choice. Pick your date and start your transformation into a mosaic artist.

If you wish, BYOB snack/lunch.

5 Days : Large Scale Mosaic Workshop

Monday – Friday,  March 11-15, 2019

2019 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

$500. Workshop

The Large mosaic on the studio’s end wall starts now.

Be part of something really gigantic. Learn how to mosaic big, we are talking really big 18 ft x 36 ft. This class is open to only six artists who wish submerge themselves into creating a large scale work. The first day we will cover the style of mosaic, method of delivery and how to achieve team work in this endeavor. You must be of able body, mind and soul, have no fear of heights, stay on task…and party every night. Well, maybe not.

Dragonfly Wing is avaiable for this class.

BYOB snack/lunch.

 2  Day : Leaping Jumping Large Lizard

Saturday/ Sunday, April 6, and 7, 2019 | 10:00 AM  4:00 PM

$325. Workshop

Recently I was very excited to see the cutest lizard run across my wall so I immediately ran out and caught 12 metal lizards to mosaic. Yes, why not. Most exciting, these are great bases to build a 3-D lizard and mosaic, that is, if it sits still long enough.

In this class you will learn beginning 3D outdoor forming and expand your mosaic knowledge.

So, eleven lucky artists get to share my lizard stash and create an exotic creature of their own.  I’ll supply everything but if you want to bring some special glass or accents, please do.

Tools are available but we recommend you purchase your own wheeled glass cutter.

If you wish, BYOB snack/lunch.

 3 Days / 3 Instructors:


Nature’s Philosophy of Mosaic Art 

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in the Dragonfly Wing

Friday – Sunday.  
June 28-30, 2019


$450. Including Supplies


Hidden Mosaic visiting instructors, Katrina Doran and Rebecca Collins team up with Barbara Dybala to bring you a 3-day exciting mosaic experience.


Coming to Hidden Mosaic is an adventure in nature. Students find it inspiring and our instructors wish to expand and interpret this experience.  So, each day you have a new instructor, a new beginning, a new project all based on a nature theme. We call it, “Nature’s Philosophy of Mosaic Art.”


Friday: Katrina Doran - Feathers on Wedi Board

The exercise will center around cutting Wedi board, building layers, finishing edges, and mounting it to a post that can go in the ground. I will also go over mosaic andamento.

Katrina’s info


Saturday: Barbara Dybala - Answers to an Age old Mosaic Question

What to do with left over thinset? Barbara will teach you how to shape a freeform structure that will become a garden vessel. We will mosaic small works to be included in the structure. Please bring thin leather gloves.

Barbara’s Info

Sunday: Rebecca Collins - Discover Abstracts of Nature

 Abstracts of Nature—Finding your Center

Rebecca will get you unclose and personal with nature by aiding you in isolating a small section of an insects or plants to create an abstract composition. Using mixed media mosaic technique, collaging on fine art paper and then sealing under glass. Students are welcome to bring beads, smelt, tile or other elements to incorporate. 


Please bring your own mosaic tools but all supplies are furnished.

Friday Night is Panel Discussion where you can ask the instructors anything about mosaic.

BYOB snack/lunch. Please bring a pot luck dish for Friday night’s Panel Discussion.

We dine out in Rockwall on Saturday night. Dutch Treat. You are welcome to have a guest join us.


Sailing at 7pm, the sunset cruise makes for a wonderful after-dinner treat. You can bring your own bottle of choice, or dessert to nibble on as the sun sets in the horizon. The boat sails from the Harbor in Rockwall so enjoy a walk along the pier as you board Seawolf for a 90 minute cruise under the colorful evening sky.

Sails at 7pm | Bring Your Own Drinks | Bring Your Own Food

Please make your reservations in advanced.  SAIL WITH SCOTT

Registered Student,
Learn, Stay, Experience.

The Dragonfly Wing

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