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6-Week Mosaic Morning Class; Self-Portrait using Stone

May 23 – July 27, 2017

Tuesday Mornings   9:30 to 12 o’clock

$225. Class +$50 material

Instructor: Barbara Dybala

In this session we will study the following mosaic artist’s work: Stephen Brailo and Hellen Miles

Ready for a challenge? Create a self portrait in the mosaic style of Greek mythology using stone, the most ancient material for construction. In the first class we will take photos of ourselves to be converted into a mosaic that could have adorned the Greek and Roman world. The use of a hammer and hardie will be introduced in this class but students are responsible to provide their own. It is possible to use a wheel cutter.

My approach to teaching mosaics in this class is very unique. It covers history, style, terms, technique, and even mosaic etiquette.  I start by selecting a mosaic genre; a mosaic artist that has mastered this style. Each week an area of the mosaic is completed. Through this process you will learn about glass material, style, flow and design.

Tools are available but purchase your own wheeled glass cutter, sheet glass cutter, nippers and Weldbond glue.

 Beginners Mosaic Class; Transformation of a Butterfly

SOLD OUT  Sat. May 20, 2017    Time: 9 – 1 o’clock

Sat. July 15, 2017    Time: 9 – 1 o’clock

Sat. September 23, 2017    Time: 9 – 1 o’clock

$65.    Teens to Adults

Instructor: Barbara Dybala

The best way to spent Saturday morning…ever! Everybody loves a butterfly and this four hours workshop flutters by fast. I’ve designed this class to expose the students to a variety’s of glass, as well as working in three dimension.  We will cover the basic mosaic techniques, tools and lingo even a touch of picassiette! This is a fun way to start your transformation into a mosaic artist. All material is included for this four hour session. In case the project is not completed in class. A quick session on grouting will be covered, grout and rubber gloves will go home with you. 🙂

BRING NOTHING all supplies are furnished

Only A Few Places Left!

 This year we have a special mosaic guest instructor,

Gila Rayberg will be here from Florida

Picassiette / Mixed Media Mosaic Workshop with Gila Rayberg

During the workshop Gila will share all she knows about creating mosaic portraits using a mixture of materials. Emphasis will be on incorporating dishes, pottery and other more traditional materials together to create a mosaic portrait of your own choosing.
There will be demonstrations on the proper use of hand tools used to cut & shape a range of materials. You’ll receive lots of individual attention on your chosen portrait through hands on practice. Everyone works at a different pace therefore, students are not expected to finish their portrait in a 3 day workshop, though you may do so. We will discuss a plan on how to move forward with any unfinished work by the end of the workshop.
There’s plenty of inspiration on the grounds of Hidden Mosaic to spark your imagination, as well as a library of mosaic/art books for your perusal. Those who stay over night in The Dragonfly Wing will have extra time to work in the studio and spend time getting to know the other participants as well as Gila & Barbara.

Picassiette Sept. 8, 9, 10, - Fri. Sat. Sun.Picassiette Sept. 11, 12, 13 - Mon. Tue. Wed.


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