Creative Art Center (CAC) Classes are taught at Hidden Mosaic in Rockwall, Texas.

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Summer Workshop
is held at

Hidden Mosaic Studio

Garden Orb Workshop

Five full days


April 3 – 7, 2017

9:30 – 4:30

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Dybala


Barbara Dybala with 48'' garden orb

This is no orbinary class. Orbrignt! Orbrign! Orbright!

Get ready for a fabulous large mosaic orb in your yard. Enjoy a five-day workshop at Hidden Mosaic in Rockwall, Texas where you will sculpt a garden orb in the morning and mosaic in the afternoon. Get pumped learning to operate different tools in an environment that’s not your home. There is a glass kiln that can be used to make blobs for your orb!  Enjoy selections from my tile stashes for use on your orb.

Just an fyi, the surface area of an 18 inch orb is 8.75 square feet. Please call me about two weeks prior to class, to set up an pre-class appointment to go over your design. Optional security mount can be applied to your project with an supply charge($ paid to Mr. David during class.

Bring. Favorite tools, wheel cutter, eye protection and any tile that you would like to incorporate into your design.
Your orb awaits.


 Only a few slots remain and a few beds. Sign up fast!

Summer Workshop
is held at

Hidden Mosaic Studio

Ashes to Jewels


Half Day


April 19, 2017

11:00 – 4:00

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Dybala


Imagfe of Ginger the Dog and a pendent made from her ashes.

Paws to Remember. Ashes to Jewels Mosaic Pendant

When wearing this mini pendant mosaic, fashioned from the bone fragments of your beloved pet, you will keep them near your heart at all times. What a great way to share pet stories when your friends comment on the beautiful pendant you’re wearing. Bring your pet’s ashes to this workshop and create a wonderful piece of art with select bone fragments.

Please bring a photo of your pet to share and a favorite story to tell.

Bring: Your pet’s ashes from cremation and any stones, gems, or keepsakes you would like to incorporate in the design.

Tools: Favorite tools, wheel cutter, tweezers, eye protection.

Sign up fast!

Summer Mosaic Workshop
is held at 

Hidden Mosaic Studio

Glass Color Theory Workshop

Three full days


July 23 –2425, 2017

9:30 – 4:30

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Dybala


Color Theory

This workshop will be in the CAC Summer Line-up.
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Select the right colors of glass, Let your eyes do the mixing!

Color theory for mosaic is an extension beyond color theory for painting. In this workshop, the mosaic artist will learn how to mix different colors of glass to create a third color when viewed at a distance. The effect of this interaction is called simultaneous contrast. We will discuss the use of color in a mosaic and how to focus the viewer’s gaze on a particular area.

This workshop will increase the artist’s confidence when selecting colors for their project.

Bring: Your favorite wheeled nipper, tweezers and eyeprotection

As a bonus I will demonstrate how to cut smalti in a way that will increase the area of coverage.


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